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10 Things to Know About the Chick Behind Bahamas & Beyond

Updated: Feb 29

Alright guys, I'm an open book...and although I could write a 500-page memoir filled with the pointless details of my life, I'm going to assume you want to know the highlights. Here's 10 things to know about me, Tori Vichroski -- the chick being Bahamas & Beyond.

1. I'm a Rhody girl - turned Bostonian - turned Bahama lover.

I'm from Rhode Island, the Ocean State, otherwise known as the smallest state in the U.S. -- but to me, it's got the biggest personality. We're surrounded by gorgeous coastline, amazing restaurants, historical sites and more. Located in New England, we're just a few hours away from the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire, city life in New York, and the border into Canada. I grew up in East Providence, went to URI for undergrad and grad school, and lived in Newport and Providence before moving a staggering 40 minutes to Boston.

I moved to Boston for a change, as well as a new job. I lived in IRISH GANGSTA CAPITAL OF THE WORLD South Boston, which is now Yuppie/recent grad central. You're charged an arm and a leg for rent in order to be close to the bars that have a line at 7pm. Overrrrr it, but Southie will always be home.

I moved to Nassau, Bahamas in April 2019 with my doggie, Saba.

A view from my favorite spot: Gurney's, Newport, RI

2. I met Ryan while on vacation in The Bahamas.

...and THAT is why I moved here! In April 2018, I went to Atlantis with my mom and sister. I met Ryan toward the end of my vacation, and the rest is history. We did ye old long distance thing for a year before enough was enough. I said, "I guessss I'll move to The Bahamas if I have to...." ;) Ryan is a British expat who works in construction here. Total lad.

3. I'm a dog mom to two perfect potcakes.

As I said earlier, I moved to The Bahamas with my baby, Saba. Saba is a five-year-old potcake (a mixed breed from the Caribbean). I found her three years ago while on vacation in St. Maarten. Every morning, I'd see her trotting along the beach where I was staying and I'd spend some time with her. By the last day, I knew I couldn't leave her -- but logistically, I had to. Fast forward a month or so later, and I found a way to get her to Providence with the help of some dog-loving angels. Maybe I'll do a post on that story in the future :)

Ryan and I adopted Marley from the Bahamas Humane Society during Hurricane Dorian. We went there with the intention of fostering a dog, but conditions were so bad, the volunteer there asked us to take a puppy -- no paperwork was even involved due to the power outage. We picked out a little six-week-old potcake (who Ryan wanted to name Keith, WTF). Turns out, Marley was very sick. She had Parvo Disease, which is very deadly and contagious for puppies on the island. By a miracle, she was saved and now is the playful, healthy baby that she is.

Saba loves digging for crabs and Marley loves diving into five-foot waves and giving me a heart attack.

Sabey Sue
Marley Mae

4. I work from home in public relations and marketing.

I'm a senior account executive for Boston-based Corporate Ink, an integrated PR and marketing firm for B2B tech companies. I've been with the company for two years and my team's great.

When I decided I wanted to move to The Bahamas, I asked them if they were open to me working from home. Shooters shoot. They gave me the shot, and it's been working out ever since!

I absolutely love working from home. I miss my colleagues and definitely have FOMO when they do fun things together, but I get so much done in my own space. It takes a certain personality to work well from home, and I definitely have it!

5. I am a huge foodie & I'm always hungry

I am so obsessed with food that I started a foodie Instagram @EatintheBahamas to document all my favorites. I LOVE sushi, pizza, a nice steak, a beautiful charcuterie board. Some of my favorite spots on the island are Shima, Cafe Matisse and Spritz.

During the week, I cook healthy meals every night to compliment my work outs. I enjoy cooking and I love cooking for people! But Saturday and Sunday (or when I have visitors), you already know I be hittin' up my favorite spots.

Tuna Tacos from Blue Sail. Check out @EatintheBahamas for more!

6. I refuse to call myself a "fitness junkie" -- but I love working out.

Hey, I need something to help my clothes fit with how much I love to eat. My parents have ingrained in my mind at a very young age that fitness is important, and it definitely stuck. I go into such a funk when I go a few weeks without the gym! I work out 4-5x a week with MacFit360 boot-camp style classes and personal training. (Side note: MacFit is the best gym ever, hands down). In the past, I've also loved spin class, hot yoga, and doing my own weight training/HIIT workouts.

7. I just want to travel everywhere, man.

I can't get enough of traveling. Some of my favorite places I've been are Cuba, The Azores, Ecuador and Exuma. A few places I'm dying to go to are Italy, Africa and more countries in South America.

I've got some good travel lined up for the 1st half of 2020!

  • Skiing in Killington, Vermont

  • The U.K. & Paris

  • Cape Cod, MA / Newport, RI

Our Airbnb in Sao Miguel, Azores

8. I'm a jewelry and bikini hoarder.

I have a problem where I can't stop buying funky jewelry and nice bathing suits. It's my weakness. There is nothing more to say about that. I shall blog about my favorite brands.

9. I strongly believe in manifestation and positive thinking.

That's not to say I'm always glass-half-full, but I do try my best to keep a good attitude and an easy going perspective. I can definitely thank my grandparents and parents for this approach to life!

I love to write down things down -- whether it's goals, dreams, feelings, things that I want -- and then make it happen. My 2020 goals included saving a big chunk of money, buying a property and working out hard 4-5x a week. Best believe I wrote that shit down, and it's happening.

Although I'm not religious, I'd like to think I'm spiritual. I believe that the universe can work for us if we let it, and that there is a greater purpose for us all. I love to talk about trippy things, so please feel free to get into this with me. Lol

10. I'm really into F$&%ed up shows and movies.

If someone was scrolling through my recently watched section of Netflix, they would be concerned. I am not interested in your little sitcoms or romantic comedies. I want to watch murder mysteries and documentaries on psychotic people. I am unsure why. But do leave me some recommendations -- that's why I inserted this fact in my "10 things to know about me" post.



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